Captures écrans de Yamm (map maker)
Publié par The Troll le 19 04 2015

les choix de configurations

choix de configuration

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screen de yamm
Jeux - RPG - Commentez
First release of the map maker
Publié par The Troll le 19 04 2015

This is the first release of the map maker, easy to use with simple xml file to save the map

Here is an exemple of the saved map. It can be read with a single text editor or an xml editor : map_exemple.hmp

the zip file for the 0.1 version :

It will be used for the rpg maker i am thinking of

Jeux - RPG - Commentez
fichier de configuration pour un rpg
Publié par The Troll le 19 04 2015

What do you think about this ?

Qu'en pensez-vous ?

<config config_version="0.1">
<abilitie name="HP" display="HP" def="Health Points" min="0" max="999" battle_screen="1" screen_type="bar"/>
<abilitie name="MP" display="MP" def="magic Points" min="0" max="999" battle_screen="1" screen_type="bar" />
<abilitie name="LV" display="Level" def="Level of the perso" min="1" max="99" battle_screen="1" screen_type="value"/>
</config >
Jeux - RPG - Commentez